Over the summer, we got to play quite a few weddings. Man, we had a blast! Everyone's happy, everyone's with friends and family, they're ready to have a good time, and they're ready to DANCE!! We LOVE to see people dance!


No question about it -- weddings are our FAVORITE kinds of events to play. If you're planning on getting married, call us! If you're not planning on getting married, well, we're not going to put pressure on you. You've got Mom for that.


Well, howdy there!

Thanks for checking out the White Chocolate website.If you're looking for a top-notch band that plays fun music, you're in the right place!

If you haven't already started the audio player at the top of the page, right now is probably a good time. In fact, let's be honest -- you're at work right now, aren't you? Turn up the speakers and click "play." Go ahead. The whole office will have so much fun, you'll forget to take your coffee break -- and it won't even matter! The boss'll probably…

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Looking for a funky good time?

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Back to the Big Apple again!

The Big Apple, 5733 COUNTY ROAD R, Manitowoc, WI

Hey look! More funky good time at the B.A.!


Funky Good Time at Lyric Room!

Keggers/Lyric Room, 231 N BROADWAY, Green Bay, WI

This is going to be a fun one. Lyric Room is one of Green Bay's best music venues! Ask Andy to show you his new tattoo. It's a picture of Kanye West riding Justin Beiber like an Arabian war horse.


Valentine's Pre-Party!

Intermission, 325 4th St., Wausau, WI

We're having a big show one week before Valentine's Day! This will give you a chance to practice dancing and/or making out with your significant otter so you'll know what you're doing the following week. Craig will wear a bright pink jacket with little hearts on it! (You know, the same one he wears at all our shows.)

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WHITE CHOCOLATE is the perfect band for any occasion!

Weddings, parties, festivals, company picnics... we are the band for you!

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