Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What kind of music do you play?

A: We play a variety of dance music: rock, pop, funk, Motown and swing. We perform classics by artists like Stevie Wonder, Van Morisson, Michael Jackson, Santana, James Brown and Frank Sinatra. We also do more contemporary songs by the likes of Maroon 5, Train, Bruno Mars, and John Mayer.


Q: Are you experienced?

A: Yes! Everyone in our group has music degrees and has been performing professionally for 20 years or more. Individually, we have each played with local acts like Big Mouth, Boogie and the Yoyo's, Bay City Swing and Fat Brass, as well as national acts like Bobby Vinton, the Diamonds, and Dizzy Gillespie.


Q: Why should we hire you instead of a DJ?

A: A DJ offers a variety of recorded music along with a light show and, if you're lucky, a few jokes. We offer LIVE music, a light show, and BETTER jokes. Instead of just pushing a button and making everyone sit through the same version of a song they've heard a thousand times, we throw in some surprises and engage the audience.


Q: Can I listen to the band?

A: Yes! Click the red audio player at the top of the page. You can hear clips of actual live performances by the band. Also, if you click "calendar" in the menu, you can see where you can check us out live!


Q: What if I want to request a certain song?

A: No problem! We are happy to play any song in our repertoire any time. If there's a special song you really need, though, the best thing is to let us know WHEN YOU BOOK THE BAND, so that we can be sure to have the song rehearsed and ready. Also, if you need a song that just doesn't work for a live all-guy rock band (like, say, Lady Gaga), we can easily plug an mp3 player into our sound system, and you can dance your little heart out! Again, it's best to let us know well before the event to ensure we have the song available.


Q: What makes you better than other bands?

A: We are experienced professionals. The reason we've been in the business this long is that we know how to work WITH our clients to make sure they get what they need and are satisfied with the results. We will be polite, well-dressed, and on time.

We also sound better than most bands. All four of us sing as well as play, featuring a wide variety of instruments: guitar, saxophone, piano, electric keyboards, bass, drums and even flute. Our experienced sound engineer knows how to balance the group for the particular room we are playing in. The result is a much bigger sound than you'd expect from a four-piece group.


Q: How loud are you?

A: How loud do you want it? We can easily crank it out to fill up a big dance hall or an outdoor show. We can also tone it down as much as you want. Those bands who play so loud you can't even hear the person screaming right in your ear -- we don't like that either. But we can pack a punch when you need it!


Q: We would like softer dinner music before the big dance. Can you do that?

A: No problem! In fact, light jazz is something we love to play. Just tell us what you want!


Q: What do you charge?

A: It depends on the event. I know… you wanted a straight answer. But the fact is that some events are easier and less expensive for us to play than others. Things like how long we play, how much equipment we need to bring, and how far we have to travel will affect the overall cost.

What we can tell you is that we cost MUCH less than many of the big 7- or 8-piece "horn bands" that you've seen perform in Wisconsin, and we put on every bit as good a show -- maybe better!


Q: How can I reach you?

A: Click "CONTACT" on the menu bar above.



Looking for a funky good time?

Previous events


Back to the Big Apple again!

The Big Apple, 5733 COUNTY ROAD R, Manitowoc, WI

Hey look! More funky good time at the B.A.!


Funky Good Time at Lyric Room!

Keggers/Lyric Room, 231 N BROADWAY, Green Bay, WI

This is going to be a fun one. Lyric Room is one of Green Bay's best music venues! Ask Andy to show you his new tattoo. It's a picture of Kanye West riding Justin Beiber like an Arabian war horse.


Valentine's Pre-Party!

Intermission, 325 4th St., Wausau, WI

We're having a big show one week before Valentine's Day! This will give you a chance to practice dancing and/or making out with your significant otter so you'll know what you're doing the following week. Craig will wear a bright pink jacket with little hearts on it! (You know, the same one he wears at all our shows.)

no Cover!

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